What's My Level?

A simple guide to find out your knitting level.


Beginner Kits include hats, scarves, and blankets.  Stitches include knit, purl, garter stitch, stockinette, and rib.  May include one style of increase or decrease, such as "knit two stitches together".


Easy Kits include all the Beginner kits as well as shawls, and sweaters without shaping.  Stitches include all beginner stitches, as well as combinations of knits and purl, such as seed stitch, and yarn overs.  May include using 2 different colors of yarn, or two different weights.  Projects are knit flat or in the round.


All our kits are suitable for Intermediate level.  Stitches include cables, bobbles, and simple lace.


Advanced kits include lace work, complicated cables, or color work such as intarsia or fair isle.