In this section, you can browse testimonials of SKEINO customers who have contacted us by email or on social media. We'll be adding more testimonials as our customers share their experiences with us. If you want your testimonial to be added please let us know at welcome@skeino.com or on, Twitter & Facebook.

 Skeino yarn skeins

Loy / USA / Product: Miss Grace Shawl

"Shortly after the Miss Grace Shawl was introduced, I made it!  What a beautiful shawl it is!!!

  At a knitting retreat in the San Juan Islands in October 2016, I arrived at breakfast wearing the shawl.  My ‘knitting traveling companions’ were amused by the ‘jaw dropping’ looks I was getting by other attendees while I was going through the breakfast buffet line — unbeknown to me as my back was turned.  During the course of that entire day and evening of the retreat, many of the other knitters had to touch, feel, and try on my gorgeous shawl.  Everyone there learned about SKEINO and the wonderful things they do and offer.  Needless to say, a lot of them immediately checked out the SKEINO website and also went home with the intent to knit the Miss Grace Shawl. 

 Several of my ‘local’ knitting colleagues have made this wonderful shawl, too. 

 Thank you SKEINO! "

Deborah / USA | Product: General

"I order your yarns & knit with them,  I always fall in love again. Shipping is quick, always packaged well. I love the project bags.I just want you to know that I love having the printed pattern included & also the option to download from your site. 
I do not have a printer at home so having the printed copy with the yarn when it arrives means a lot to me. 
Also, the tutorial & the YouTube tutorials by VeryPinkKnits have helped me numerous times to navigate through the pattern."

Patrica / Australia | Product: General

"I first became aware of Skeino through Staci Perry's Verypink website, which I happened to come upon when I was looking for a particular pattern online.  And because she spoke so highly of Skeino, I thought I would take a look, and wow, a whole new world of knitting opened up for me.  I've been knitting for years, but I'm learning so many new techniques.  It's wonderful!  So thank you for your work."

Penny / USA | Product: General

 "I should have got in touch earlier in the week when my parcel arrived! I am sure it has been hand delivered! 

It arrived so quickly, thank you.
The yarn is beautiful and I so look forward to making the shawl. (...)
Many thanks and have a lovely weekend.
PS I find Very Pink Knits instructional videos so helpful…."


Akira / USA | Product: General

"I am in love with your company. I only started knitting about 8 months ago and every time I’ve started a project from you guys, I am able to follow it and don’t have to look for a video. I love that you partner with Stacy from Very Pink Knits and she is a wonderful teacher and got me through my first Arabella Shawl. I am a self-taught and Youtube taught knitter so when I accomplish something it makes me so happy and I NEVER give up on Skeino projects! You just rock!"


Terry / USA | Product: Paola Yarn 

"Dear Bjorn, I received the four skeins of light teal yarn today ~ it is beautiful and so soft!!   When I hold it next to the yarn dyed in the Don Carlos colorway ~ the colors are so vibrant and stunning!  They match perfectly.  Thank-you again for special dying the yarn!  

I also really appreciated you sending a picture of the people who dyed the yarn for me.  It was fun to see how much they enjoyed their work and how deservedly proud they were of their accomplishment!"


Emily / USA  | Product: Operetta Shawl 

"I was starting the OPERETTA SHAWL.  I started the tutorial. I took out my yarn and needles. I cast on with the tutor and started to do the rows. As I followed along with the directions. It was a little confusing because what she was reading aloud did not match what I was looking at.  The pattern you shipped has no mentions of SLW - slip work to the other end.
After a few minutes, I remembered the pattern could be downloaded from the Skeino website, and that's what I did. As you must know, the downloaded pattern is correct.  Please either fix the printed patterns that are sent with the yarn or include a note to direct knitters to perform their own downloads.  This is the 1st time I ever used a tutorial (which I did because of comments on your website - which did not mention the error).  If I hadn't watched the tutorial, I could not have been able to knit the shawl.

Thank you for the tutorial - it is great.
Also, thank you for the gorgeous yarn!

When this shawl is done, I plan to do the MISS GRACE.  I will be sure to download that pattern."


Juanita / USA | Product: Spring Bloom Cardi

 "I received my order of the 'Spring Bloom Cardi,' that I am planning to knit for my Granddaughter, just yesterday. Oh, my! This yarn is beautiful and what a nice surprise to have a pretty muslin bag to keep this beautiful project in while knitting. Thank you! This is my first order, but definitely not my last."


Lisa / USA | Product: Arabella Shawl

"I ordered the Arabella Shawl kit in "Dahlia" (not easy to choose a colorway but felt I could not go wrong with any choice I made and I was correct). I watched Staci's tutorial at VeryPink.com regarding this shawl, admittedly several times before I finally gave in and ordered the kit. I have been working on it since mid-April and am loving it, it's so easy to knit and the color changes keep it fresh and new as I knit so I don't get bored working with the same colors over and over. This is also my first project with "luxury" fiber and I will definitely use it more often. I am so glad that you and Staci work together I would not have known of your company otherwise. Keep up the good work and I will be drooling over the new colorways you have presented for the shawl though I'm still trying to select the next colorway from the colors you already have, what's a knitter to do?!  Many thanks"


Nancy / USA | Product: Miss Grace Free Form Shawl

"This is the second time I have ordered from Skeino  -- I could not be more pleased with my first order  -  Wonderful yarn, Superior service - Thank you!"


Ken / USA | Product: Miss Grace Free Form Shawl

"To: everyone at Skeino

From: Ken


Yeah the yarn arrived and it is beautiful. Wife loves it. I can't wait to get started on it, THANKS!!!!

Also, thanks for helping me get registered online. That is working well, too."


Donna / USA | Product: Lacy Cowl

"Just received my order and the yarn is gorgeous, thank you so much!"


Greta / USA | Product: Miss Grace Free Form Shawl

"I am so looking forward to seeing the colors up close! I am about 98% into my first Miss Grace and only have 3 more to make (2 daughters and a daughter-in-law!!!) 

Truly love your products and your incredible service."


Margaret / USA | Product: Merino-Lace yarn

"The parcel arrived today and I can’t tell you how excited about the new yarn: it's delicious!   I have a saying that “wool isn’t finished until its touched” and the touch of your new Merino Lace yarn is unbelievable.   I shall make something very special to honor your gift and let you know how it all works out.

I’ve been a knitter since I was 3 yo although I couldn’t do purl stitch until I was 7 – my mum taught me.   I’m also a hand spinner and spinning merino is one of the joys in life."  


Terry / USA | Product: Miss Grace Free Form Shawl

 "Thank you for checking on the order for me! You always have excellent customer service. I hate to see you pay two additional shipping costs. If you want to send the Miss Grace “Cindy” and the Arabella “Greenhouse” together, whenever “Greenhouse” is ready, that would be fine. Your yarns are spectacularly beautiful! The amazing yarns and your sincerely caring customer service, are two big reasons I recommend Skeino to all my knitting friends!"


Theresa / USA | Product: Miss Grace Free Form Shawl

"Thank you so much for responding so quickly. I got your voicemail and I really appreciate the call.
I did figure out where I was going wrong with the pattern for the shawl, it finally clicked. :)  But I'm going to give it a little more shelf time to try to let the yarn colorway "grow" on me before picking it back up.
Thank you again for the AWESOME customer service you provide!"


Mara / USA | Product: Splendid Yarn

"I just wanted you to know that I just finished a sweater in Skeino Splendid Norma
This feels like cashmere!! I am so in love with this yarn!! 
Thank you"


Nicole / USA | Product: Arabella Shawl

" If you had a rating system from 1 to 10 with 10 being the very best quality and dye job...I would rate it a 10+. The colors are absolutely beautiful. My computer did not do it justice so I was delighted to see how much nicer the colors are in person! The quality of the fiber is also magnificent! It is obvious only the very best quality yarn was used."


Margie / USA | Product: Arabella Shawl

"Just a quick note to tell you how beautiful my Arabella shawl is turning out!  Your yarn is wonderful!  Thank you Skeino.  I am looking forward to choosing my next colorway for this pattern."


April 2015, Becka / USA | Product: Gina Sock Yarn

"I’ve said it before, and will say it again, this yarn is divine, I LOVE knitting with it. Oh, I’d LOVE to knit a lovely lace shawl with Bianca lace weight yarn next, I think!! I was just looking @ your yarns (because I’ve fallen in love with your yarn!) (...) I’m so excited to have found another favorite yarn company & will tell all who will read my social media blurbs when both pairs of socks are completed, photos & all!!! As I (& others) have shared, it’s not only because your yarn is spectacular, but your company’s mission to help others is exceptional."


Linda / USA | Product: Arabella Shawl

"OMG!!!!! I cast on last night with the yarn. I’m in LOVE LOVE LOVE with it. I cannot believe how incredibly super soft it is. I’m over the top thrilled with it !!!!!!! The colors are gorgeous just like from the stock photo on your site. But the softness of the yarn just blows me away!"


Toni / USA | Product: General

"saw and touched the yarn at the Greater St Louis knitter's guild....fabulous soooo soft and the colors are lovely"


Melvia / USA | Product: Fan Shawl

"I love the yarn - chose 'Norma' and the colorway is absolutely beautiful. Have a Happy Holiday. Will send a photo when completed."


Phoebe / USA | Product: Fan Shawl, Donegal Sock yarn

"I just received my kits and yarn this afternoon. I am delighted with the colors, feel of the yarn and the Fan Shawl pattern. I am going to use the Donegal Sock yarn to knit a free Tahki Draped Cardigan that I found on their website. The Donegal sock yarn is a gorgeous color. My favorite color is purple and this yarn's color combination is perfect for me. I am also excited about the fan shawl yarn.

Especially the Parsifal for me and the Nabucco that I will gift to my friend. I am really, really excited to get started on my projects.
I will definitely be coming back for more in the future. Only wish I had found your website sooner. A fan forever.

Thank you for such great yarn and fabulous customer service. If you have a newsletter, please add me to your contact list."


Megan / USA | Product: Scarf-In-A-Scarf

"I got it today. it was worth the wait, the colors are spectacular! thanks."


Nicole / France | Product: Arabella Shawl

"J'ai reçu aujourd'hui ma commande. Super pour la couleur. Je suis très satisfaite. A bientot pour d'autres achats"

"Today I received my order. The colors are super. I'm very satisfied. I'll come back for more purchases."