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SKEINO Free Pattern Library

Here you will find a list of free Skeino exclusive patterns to download. Please remember that all of these patterns are copyrighted and can not be published or shared on another website without consent. While we ask that you do not post the pattern file on another site we do welcome you to post a link to this page or the pattern file on the Skeino page. This policy allows us to continue offering past patterns for free while also protecting the hard work of our designers. Thank you for your cooperation

Not all patterns will have a chart. Sometimes charts are shared with us by our community of knitters and we may share them with all of our customers. We want to say thank you to those that have done this in the past and continue to do this for the future. Sharing information helps all of us. After all this is what knitting is all about.

For additional help we also provide FREE tutorials for many patterns on our YouTube Channel.

Thank you from all of us here at SKEINO.

8 Color Bias Shawl

Annette Shawl

Arabella Shawl

Arabella Swirl Shawl

Baltic Shawl

Bertie's Shawl

Bauhaus Mitered Shawl

Burano Shawl

Caribbean Shawl

Cruise Shawl

Corinthian Shawl

Chevron Shawl

Dagmar Shawl

Dagmar Bamboo Shawl

Denali Shawl

Fan Shawl

Favorite Shawl

Festive Shawl

Feather Shawl

Floating Garden Shawl

Garter Shawl

Giselle Shawl

Harlequin Bias Shawl

Harlequin F&F Shawl

Holiday Shawl

Inge Shawl

June Ann Shawl

Kula Shawl

Kaleidoscope Shawl

Kelly's Shawl

Kumari Shawl

La Belle Louise Shawl

Lace Shawl

Laura Shawl

Lehua Shawl

Lisbon Shawl

Lengthwise Shawl

Loy Shawl

Malta Shawl

Mara Shawl

Moon Shawl

My Favorite Shawl

Nohea Shawl

Operetta Shawl

Paloma Shawl

Picot Shawl

Pretty Shawl

Regina Shawl

Santa Fe Shawl

Shimmer Shawl

Skirted Shawl

Sophia Shawl

Sparkling Swirl Shawl

Spring Shawl

Startup Shawl

Summer Wind Shawl

Triangular Shawl

Troika Shawl

Venice Bias Shawl

Wavy Shawl

Zebra Shawl

Get Well Wrap

Wavy Wrap