Skeino Color Gallery

Below are all of our repeatable colorways.  These can be done on all of our bases.  The photos taken are on 100% Merino.  Note, all colors will appear differently on different fibers; all colorways are hand dyed or painted and will have variations between skeins.  If you do not see a colorway in stock, email us a request for a special order.

Variegated Colorways

Many of our Variegated Colorways come in a rich version and a pastel version.  If placing a special order make sure to tell us which you prefer.

Speckled Colorways

Our speckled colorways were designed from our variegated colors!  Look closely, can you tell which colorways match?

Semi-Solids and Tonals

The following colorways can be done as semi-solids or as tonals (as pictured).  When placing a special order, please let us know which you prefer.

For semi-solid colorways the yarn is completely covered with dye.  We call them semi-solid as parts of the yarn will take more or less of the dye.

Tonal colorways are a rich color on one end fading to white on the other

Looking for FADES?

Colorways are listed from left to right.

Rainforest, Glacier, Foaming Sea

Jewel Box, Opal, Misty

Graphite, Mahogany, Cranberry

Red Wine, Mulberry, Sapphire

Autumn, Coral Reef, Champagne

Sapphire, Denim, Misty

Autumn, Dusty Flowers, Champagne

Denim, Foaming Sea, Misty

Autumn, Kaleidoscope, Champagne

Denim, Misty, Gray Tonal

Purple Iris, Powder Puff, Violet Tonal

Coral Reef, Dragonfly, Champagne