Skeino Color Gallery

Below are all of our repeatable colorways.  These can be done on all of our bases.  The photos taken are on 100% Merino.  Note, all colors will appear differently on different fibers; all colorways are hand dyed or painted and will have variations between skeins.  If you do not see a colorway in stock, email us a request for a special order.

Variegated Colorways

Many of our Variegated Colorways come in a rich version and a pastel version.  If placing a special order make sure to tell us which you prefer.

Speckled Colorways

Our speckled colorways were designed from our variegated colors!  Look closely, can you tell which colorways match?

Semi-Solids and Tonals

The following colorways can be done as semi-solids or as tonals (as pictured).  When placing a special order, please let us know which you prefer.

For semi-solid colorways the yarn is completely covered with dye.  We call them semi-solid as parts of the yarn will take more or less of the dye.

Tonal colorways are a rich color on one end fading to white on the other

Looking for FADES?

Colorways are listed from left to right.

a group of purple flowers

Rainforest, Glacier, Foaming Sea

a group of stuffed animals

Jewel Box, Opal, Misty

a red and white teddy bear

Graphite, Mahogany, Cranberry

a group of purple flowers

Red Wine, Mulberry, Sapphire

a group of colorful flowers

Autumn, Coral Reef, Champagne

a close up of a stuffed animal

Sapphire, Denim, Misty

a group of purple flowers

Autumn, Dusty Flowers, Champagne

Color Gallery

Denim, Foaming Sea, Misty

a group of thread

Autumn, Kaleidoscope, Champagne

a group of stuffed animals

Denim, Misty, Gray Tonal

a group of stuffed animals sitting next to a teddy bear

Purple Iris, Powder Puff, Violet Tonal

Color Gallery

Coral Reef, Dragonfly, Champagne