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SKEINO’s mission is to select and sell the very best yarns in the finest quality directly from the producer to all Knitters, Crocheters, and Hand Weavers. This allows you to purchase at the very best price, with no distributor and no extra cost. 

We bring the traditional know-how from the Italian knitting industry directly to you. In our Superfine Alpaca department, you will find the finest Alpaca’s grown 3,000 feet above sea level in the Andes. We select beautiful high quality, colorful yarns hand-painted in Germany. By working with the very best yarn creators we are able to offer yarns that you will not find anywhere else. 

All of this creates a fresh, energetic and exciting place for you to find something wonderful for all of your projects. Come back often. We are full of surprises.   



Elegance and centuries of expertise from Italy. Craftsmanship and precision from Germany as well as American yarn making tradition – it’s our partners who make SKEINO what it is: The best quality yarns at an amazing price. 

Most SKEINO products are hand-painted in Germany. Not only is the quality of the end-product stunning but there is also a social side to it that we are very proud of: More than 50% of the employees are challenged, and we think it’s great to be creating jobs for people who are too often overlooked in society. If you have done it before you’ll know that dying yarns by hand is very hard work. It’s even more stunning to see challenged people taking so much effort and pride in hand painting yarns and even unleashing their strong creative side. If you would like to know more please click here to read our behind the scenes post in our blog.





Most of Our Yarns are named after famous operas. The titles of these operas remind us of beautiful classical music just as Our Yarns will remind you of beautiful classical colors. The outstanding yarn quality will give you standing ovations as the curtain goes up when you present the garments you've made using Our Yarns in public. However, there is one exception: Unlike the operas which do have a final act, Our Yarns never seem to stop singing!


Happy Knitting!

The folks at SKEINO.