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Yarn insights is a video series of 5 episodes where I will explain the different kinds of yarns out there. We will publish a new episode every week so make sure to stay tuned to not miss anything.

This is the 5th episode of our mini-series Yarn Insights. In this final installment, I will talk about merino superwash yarns. The ones that we use here at SKEINO are called the Italian Ladies. We partner with spinning mills in Italy and we named the yarns after the wonderful ladies at the mills.

We use the Italian Ladies superwash yarns for some of our most popular products, such as the Arabella Shawl and Miss Grace Shawl. Ranging from lace to super bulky weight we work with a total of 8 merino superwash yarns – all of them have an Italian name.

This episode is a great watch if you want to know more about your favorite SKEINO shawl kit or if you would like to learn about the different merino superwash yarns you will find in most yarn stores near you.

Click the image above to watch the video.

This closes our Yarn Insights video series. I’m a textile designer with all my heart and I love digging into a subject like this. I hope you enjoyed it too. When you go shopping for your next yarn you will be able to use the information I gave you in these 5 videos to your advantage.

Please let me know your questions and comments here or directly on Youtube.

…And as always: #happyknitting




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