Welcome Spring: The New Skeino Knitting Kits Are Here!

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Spring is here again! And so we thought it would be time for some cute knitting kits. We’ve been dying some extra colorful yarns so that your finished piece will symbolize the blooming flowers around you! The kits come in 2 packages A (2 skeins) and C (3 skeins) so you’ll have maximum flexibility for your project. And of course, we’re adding the patterns coming straight from our textile designers. Happy Knitting! a large waterfall


The Skeino Summer Time Top

The Skeino Summer Time Top – finished piece in “Teal”

Our "Straw" colorway

Our “Straw” colorway

The Skeino Little Cardigan

The Skeino Little Cardigan – finished piece in “Carmen”

The "Summer" colorway

The “Summer” colorway




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