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Traditionally in Northern Germany in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea regions, the Fishermen wear a warm thick turtleneck sweater when they are at Sea doing their fishing duties.

Those traditional sweaters are being worn for a long time and they used to be made of rough wool from the sheep at the fishermen’s own farms. The yarn was dyed with Indigo in a deep blue color.

As a tribute to those sweaters, I designed the SKEINO Fisherman Scarf. I followed the traditional colorway (Sapphire Blue) and our Jewel Box and Deep Ocean are similar colors. Today’s traditional Fisherman Sweater can still be seen made out of Cotton in a Navy Blue.


To answer the many questions that we received from knitters regarding the Fisherman Rib, I decided to shoot my first ever spoken video tutorial to visually show you how to knit the Fisherman Rib called “Patent” in Germany.  This video shows you how people use to knit this pattern in Germany today.



I hope you liked the video! I’m a first-time vlogger so please be patient with me. a drawing of a face

For the video tutorial, I used our new Teal-Tonal colorway which will be available for ordering in early January 2016.

…and as always: Happy Knitting!




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