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During my years of knitting with different yarns, I have developed my own way to hold the yarn that I am using. I love fast knitting because I am always curious to see what it looks like after the work has been finished. For that reason, I do not like a rolling ball of yarn. Yarns that are wound into balls with the option to pull out the end from the center are my favorite. I figured out that it is important that the yarn pulls out straight up to a point where the yarn runs even and steady into my hand. Years ago I created a small stand using a wooden block and a thick bendable wire as my tool.

Here is a picture:


The yarn is guided through the wire loop into my hand and I can even walk away from my chair and the yarn will feed into my hand. As a Continental Knitter or Combination Knitter, I am holding the yarn in my left hand. One way or the other, I became comfortable to thread the yarn between my little finger and the ring finger into my hand and then out of my hand between the middle finger and the index finger. By doing this I can tighten my hand to stop the yarn from running too fast and too loose into my knitting. The index finger as well can control the tension.

Here is a little video on this subject:

So this is my way of feeding the yarn into my hand. There are many ways to hold the yarn correctly. You and I know how important it is to have a good and even result.

If you like my tool, maybe someone can build one for you. We can even ask the folks at LARC who are working together with us to build one for you and offer it on SKEINO. Please let me know in the comments.

Happy Knitting!



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