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Dec 6th is the day of Saint Nicholas, a V.I.P. in European Christmas traditions. In the US that day is not widely celebrated but we think there are some beautiful rituals! Let’s take some time to learn about European pre-Christmas traditions and find out about the heritage of Santa Claus himself.

In Germany (the homeland of our designer Björn) children are busy with cleaning their shoes on the eve of December 5th. Tradition says that they have to put out one boot and hope to find some presents in it the next morning. The saga says that Saint Nicholas presents the good kids with candy and the naughty ones will miss out.

In Austria things are different but their folklore is very interesting too. In the region surrounding the Alps children can also look forward to some presents from Saint Nicholas as long as they’ve behaved well. If that’s not the case the “Krampus”, an evil demon and Saint Nicholaus’ little helper, might punish them. Hollywood just picked up the story for a holiday horror movie also called Krampus.

In the Netherlands, the Day of Saint Nicholas is actually the most important Christmas holiday. Already at the end of November children put their boots next to the chimney or stove with their wish list in them. They’ll also put a dish with carrots next to their boots. Those carrots are very important since they feed the horses „Sinterklaas“. The word is that he rides from roof to roof throwing little presents trough each chimney. Now, wait a minute that sounds familiar, right? And yes, a significant part of the legend of Santa Claus evolved from his Dutch counterpart.

At SKEINO we celebrate the day of Saint Nicholas with a gift to you: We created a Sock-Special Yarn Pack that comes with 3 different sock yarns: Corriedale, Donegal, and Merino-Nylon. These superwash-yarns come with 3 FREE patterns and you save 35% from buying them separately. We don’t have candy but we can fill your boots with yarn.


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Do you celebrate the day of Saint Nicholas? What special traditions do you celebrate in the time before Christmas? Let us know in the comments!

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