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Hi all this is April!  So now that I’ve been around for a while, I thought maybe you would like to get to know me better.  So, who am I?  I’m a mom, a knitter, a crocheter, a pattern designer, a dog lover, a part-time professional organizer, a long-time executive admin, and most recently… one of the people behind Skeino Yarn!

I come from a super crafty family.  My grandma was an amazing seamstress and tailor.  My Mom, the most amazing super crafter I’ve ever known, quilts, sews, tole paints, knits, crochets, beads, is currently obsessed with silk ribbon embroidery, and can pretty much do anything she puts her mind to!  My Dad is constantly in motion, he loves woodworking and gardening, and of course his first-born daughter (wink, wink).  My sister dabbles here and there but loves to sew AND is learning woodworking from my Dad!  She built bunk beds for her two little girls that look like a cottage house – complete with handmade coffee filter flowers that are scented!

I started knitting when I was 27.  At the time, my daughter, who’s now 23, loved all things crafty from the time she could hold a crayon.  We spent many hours painting sun catchers, coloring, and learning cross stitch when she was younger.  When she was 8, my mom took her to the local yarn store to learn to knit.  She took to it like a duck in water.  The only problem was she would ask me for help, and I had no idea what she was doing!  What were these magical sticks and string that she was waving around to make scarves and hats??

Inspired by her tenacity and persistence, I took knitting lessons… and so it began.  The spiral into the world of yarn, knitting, crochet, and of course this amazing community.

The first scarf I made was a worsted weight held double with a fun fur – I still have it and wear it every winter.  I moved onto hats, blankets… you know, the usual stuff.  After a few years, I decided I should try something more difficult.  I chose the by Ysolda Teague.  Why, might you ask??  Because I didn’t know enough to be scared.  This gorgeous sweater is worked bottom up, in one piece, and it’s completely cabled.  This sweater taught me patience, how to gauge, how to drop stitches down and rework with a crochet hook (cables, by the way – I’d crossed them incorrectly and figured I’d have to rip it back anyway, so why not try the hook first), how to steek (the sleeves were too long, so it was either rip out the entire yoke and saddles and both sleeves., or steek them), and the frustration of kitchener stitch.  But when it was finally finished, it was amazing.  And I truly believe that the most important lesson it taught me was not to be afraid – that I could do anything I set out to do – at least with sticks and string.

My first designs were baby hats.  One was reverse engineered from a hand-knit hat that was on my grandma’s baby doll from the 1920s.  I went on to design for Knit Picks, Cascade, as well as several self-published designs available in Ravelry.

I would consider myself a combination of process & product knitter, instead of just one or the other.  What’s the difference?

A process knitter enjoys the actual process of making the piece, they aren’t bothered by ripping back multiple times, it’s just an opportunity to knit more.  They are intrigued by new techniques and love the adventure of using new and different yarns.

A product knitter is interested in the result – the completed project.  They see something they must have and start it immediately.  Once they get into the groove, watch out!

While I love learning new techniques, new patterns, and new yarns – I get bored easily once the “newness” wears off, then it’s all about finishing.  For example, I wanted to learn how to crochet cables.  I picked a gorgeous baby blanket, by Josi Euchner.  The only issue, crochet cables are relatively simple. After 3”, I’d learned the technique, but still had another 33” to go!

I was lucky enough to meet Bjorn and Rex from Skeino on a Trans-Atlantic cruise from Copenhagen to Miami.  Most cruises have a daily knitting meet-up, which is awesome, and where we met.  If you haven’t been on a cruise before, I highly suggest it.   I love sea days - no ports, just coffee, and knitting all day!  I had just finished my by Ann Kingstone, complete with antler buttons.  After our 2-weeks on the boat, they asked if I would be interested in helping with their social media… and so it began.

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  • Betty Gosselin on

    Hi April,
    I lost your phone number and just found this new site and we have also had a pretty bad Fall – my husband had a heart attack and I had surgery on my knee (16th surgery) and 2 weeks later broke my arm. Please send me your phone number or call meat 651-460-6105. tank you so much.


  • Ali B. on

    I hope I’m in the right spot to message. I watched Bjorn’s how to make perfect edges where he demonstrated on the garter stitch which was very helpful. How do you make the same perfect edge when all your rows are purl stitches ? Thank you for your help !

  • Anna Clough on

    I would love to have the hat pattern that April is wearing

  • Sheri A Sterling on

    Are you not making YouTube videos anymore?

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