Knitting Harlequin for a better life!

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We slightly changed Angela’s leitmotiv…

“Better Living Through Knitting”

…to be the title of this post because we think it’s awesome. Positive and motivating is what knitting is supposed to be! So who is Angela you may ask?

Angela Hockabout is a blogger, mom, wife. crafter, succulent gardener, and co-op preschool parent. Her blog is called and she recently wrote a review about our Harlequin Yarn. The review is nice and detailed while being totally objective. There is lots of other cool stuff on her site too such as Learn To Knit, Gift Ideas, and her favorite yarn shops. Hopefully, Angela will add SKEINO to the latter! a large waterfall

We hope you will enjoy KnitLuck as much as we do!

Here is the link for the full story:

SKEINO Harlequin Meadow KnitLuck

This is one of Angela’s photos of our Harlequin yarn. Click on the picture to read her review

As always feel free to comment below and share as much as you can! a large waterfall

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