January is Selfish Knitting Month

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It’s that time of year again, that blissful season after the Holidays when you finally have time to refocus on yourself and your priorities.  So, let’s talk about those two words that we are seeing everywhere… Selfish Knitting.

Us crafters, we’re a giving bunch.  We love making things for other people, especially people who are appreciative.  Months before the end of the year we’re planning and buying and working on all those Holiday gifts.  But come January we need to turn that giving spirit inward and take a break from all that pressure.

We need to remember why we love our craft.  That feeling of finishing the perfect project and having everyone “ooo and aahh” over it.  Conquering a new skill that we finally took the time to learn. And remembering that the “selfish” we are talking about is more like “self-care”.  It’s a return to ourselves.

So, my challenge to you this year, practice being “selfish”.  Make THAT pattern – the one you keep going back to but haven’t found the courage to start.  Buy THAT yarn – the one that is the perfect shade of the perfect color in the perfect weight.  Learn THAT technique – the one that looks so complicated and intimidating but so amazing and gorgeous.  Stop putting it off and making excuses.  You know you want to, so do it!  You will be better for it, and your knitting or crochet will be better for it.  You will be able to move through 2019 with a clear head and a full heart because you took the time to take care of yourself first.

So what are you going to make for yourself this year?  After all, who will appreciate it more than you?

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