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As a follow up to my last “Increase Line” blog post, I want to show you today 2 patterns using [K-YO-K] as part of a pattern design. Several knitters asked me if this stitch could be used other than for creating an increase line.

Watch the video tutorial


Example 1:

The first sample shows using the [K-YO-K] for a bubble pattern. The basic pattern is Stockinette Stitch and the right side is the purl side. Embedded are the bubbles, starting with the [K-YO-K]. For three more rows the bubbles are knitted on the right side and purled on the wrong side. In between, there are 3 stitches.

Here is the pattern with a 12 rows pattern repeat:

Abbreviation [D2-P1] = slip second and third stitch over the first stitch and purl this stitch (decrease 2 sts)

Cast on for a swatch of 27 stitches.

  1. *P3, [K-YO-K]* and repeat, P3
  2. *K3, P3* and repeat, K3
  3. *P3, K3* and repeat, P3
  4. *K3, P3* and repeat, P3
  5. *P3, [D2-P1]* and repeat, P3
  6. K all sts
  7. P1, *[K-YO-K], P3* and repeat, [K-YO-K], P1
  8. K1, *P3, K3* and repeat, P3, K1
  9. P1, *K3, P3* and repeat, K3, P1
  10. K1, *P3, K3* and repeat, P3, K1
  11. P1, *[D2-P1], P3* and repeat, [D2-P1], P1
  12. K all sts


Example 2:

The second sample shows using the [K-YO-K] for a mare graphic pattern. The basic pattern is also Stockinette Stitch, but here the right side is the knit side. All back rows are straight purled. All front rows have the increases from the [K-YO-K] in row 1 and 5 or the K2tog/SSK in rows 3 and 7.

Here is the pattern with an 8 rows pattern repeat:


K2tog = knit 2 together (decrease one stitch, right slanted)

SSK = knit 2 together (decrease one stitch, left slanted)

NOTE: K2tog and SSK are the opposite for continental/combination knitters.

Cast on for a swatch 25 stitches

  1. K2, *[K-YO-K], K3* and repeat, [K-YO-K], K2
  2. P all stitches
  3. K1, *K2tog, K1, SSK, K1* and repeat
  4. P all stitches
  5. K4, *[K-YO-K], K3* and repeat, [K-YO-K], K4
  6. P all stitches
  7. K3, *K2tog, K1, SSK, K1* and repeat, K2
  8. P all stitches


Both patterns are very easy and can be adopted for a sweater or jacket.

SKEINO’s Francesca yarn (worsted weight) will work just fine and will show the textures well. For the fall season, I have planned to use these patterns in a sweater, cardigan or pullover.

So what do you think about using K-YO-K as a knitting pattern? Please let me know in the comments section.

…and as always:

Happy Knitting!






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