How to fix an elongated last stitch

We've all been there, super excited to finally bind off a project and that last stitch ruins it all!  What do you do?  Live with it, sew it down, undo and redo the bind off only to have it happen again?  No worries, we're here to help!  There is a super simple fix to this problem!


Here's the elongated stitch if I was binding off as usual.  Not attractive!  So how do we fix it?

a close up of a device

If you look at the stitch in the first photo, you can see a small bump just underneath it.  Pick it up with your left hand needle.

a close up of a stuffed animal

Add the last stitch to the left hand needle.

a close up of food

Knit them together.  You know have two stitches on your right hand needle.

a close up of a cake

Bind them off as usual!  Look, no more elongated stitch!

a red white and blue cake


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  • Elizabeth on

    Thankyou this is
    excellent tip .

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