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Today we will talk about the very core of what we do at SKEINO: Hand paint yarns. We will explain the process as well as some special techniques that we created in order to make the color repeat even better.

SKEINO yarn in natural colorways

SKEINO yarn in natural colorways

Hand dyers usually use yarn in a natural color for their work. The yarn is wound up into a skein (hank). The yarn is open and can absorb the dye liquid with its pigments. After that, the skeins are being dipped into a dye bath or portions of the skein are being colored. In any case, the circle of a skein creates one color repeat per circumference.

A color repeat of a skein when it's hand painted

A color repeat of a skein when it’s hand painted

If you wind the skein above into a ball and you are knitting the yarn up you will have this color repeat:

*red – blue – green – yellow – brown – yellow – green – blue – red*

This sequence will create its unique color repeat and will “design” something on its own. The color design that develops will depend on the number of stitches that you have on your needle.

These terms are being known for those color designs: Pooling, Zigzag, and Blotches or all together.

In the past you may have seen or knitted a sweater with a big blotch at the front, zigzags at the sleeves and pooling on the back. Designers have created different techniques to prevent those unwanted color creations, like knitting with two balls. You will not have any of these repeats if you knit a piece with short rows or if you knit a piece on the bias. The colors of the yarn will not stagger at the same place.

At SKEINO we created a new hand painting technique which completely prevents yarn from pooling, zigzagging or blotching, no matter how many stitches you have on your needles. Using this technique, all skeins are randomly colored. Your sweater parts will look all the same.

Here are some samples:

Traditionally dyed but the pattern for the piece “FAN SHAWL” is using short rows for its design:

SKEINO Fan Shawl

SKEINO Fan Shawl

If you want to try this pattern you can find it here: (on sale for $39)

Randomly dyed: MONICA YARN:

SKEINO Monica Yarn (Bulky, colorway Rain Forest)

SKEINO Monica Yarn (Bulky, colorway Rain Forest

Knitted in a Feather & Fan Pattern:

SKEINO Monica Yarn knitting sample

SKEINO Monica Yarn in our Feather & Fan Pattern

SKEINO’S new technique randomly dyed: 3 skeins worsted weight Extra Fine Merino “FRANCESCA”:

SKEINO Francesca Yarn

SKEINO Francesca Yarn

We hope you enjoyed our short walkthrough. Hand painting yarn is our passion and we love to give you some insight into this beautiful craft. As always please feel free to write your questions or recommendations down in the comments section.

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