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My hand has healed and I can go back to the needles and make a new video for you. Today I will talk about weaving in or stitching in ends.

This is maybe not a knitter’s most popular task but it is an important part of the craft. The video comes in three sections. Here is a link to each part, in case you are more interested in one section than another or if you want to rewatch a certain part:

Part 1: Stitching in ends on the wrong side
Part 2: Stitching in ends on edges
Part 3: Stitching in ends on the bind off

We also increased our production value and we added some close-ups so you can see what I am doing on the needles more clearly. I hope you like it! For any questions or commons please reach out down here or in the Youtube comments section.

…And as always: #happyknitting



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