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We scheduled the 5th and last episode of our series “YARN INSIGHTS” for today. Instead, we are interrupting our program for some special news: Bjorn was desperately in need of some days off and what would be better than a cruise among knitters to relax a little?

Together with SKEINO co-founder Rex he is on his way to Barcelona on board the ship “Norwegian Jade”. We thought it would be nice for our community to be a part of the trip and so Rex shot this video for our next episode. On the ship, there is actually a knitting group and today you will meet all of these wonderful ladies from 4 different continents (we are counting Guatemala as South America even if that’s not 100% correct..).

This trip is far from over and we will have at least one more video for you to watch so stay tuned and subscribe to the SKEINO Youtube channel!

Click on the image above to watch the video.


We hope you like this little “Hello, my name is” video. There will be more content that is purely based on knitting soon. Bjorn is also working on a new project, the Cruise Shawl, which will be presented to you soon. If you don’t want to miss the launch date for the Cruise Shawl please subscribe to our weekly newsletter here.

Please comment and ask us in the comment section or directly on Youtube.

…and as always: #happyknitting



The folks at SKEINO

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