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The majority of the yarn you can purchase on SKEINO is spun in Italy. So why have we chosen the land of great food, exquisite fashion and vibrant street life? Well, you could say for these same facts for example. But of course there’s more! So let’s talk about it in detail – Here are 5 reasons why we buy our raw yarns in Italy:

  1. The Tradition

Italy has a very strong tradition in fashion, you could even say it is a vital part of the country’s identity. There are many Italian fashion brands that are world famous for decades or even centuries. Yarn spinning is an essential part of that, being one of the earliest steps in the production chain.

There are 6 major hubs for yarn spinning in Italy: Biella, Carpi, Castel Goffredo, Como, Prato, and Vicenza. Most of the companies will be small or medium sized family businesses who know their trade, often for generations.

SKEINO works with companies from the regions Biella and Plato. You can truly breath the Italian yarn tradition when collaborating with them. With tradition comes knowledge and experience – and therefore quality.

yarn-bombing on Italian bridge

  1. The Quality

Here is where we talk business. Of course you can work with producers who will beat the price of Italian yarns a hundred times, and not only that: they are also fast, responsive and they are cheap. For example you’ll find great yarns produced in Asia.

However we still find that there is a difference when it comes to the Italian yarns. It’s just this subtle extra bit of quality you can feel when looking at the yarn and touching the yarn. We don’t know exactly how they do it but the yarn of our providers is just so soft and brings out the colors so well.

Another important part of this is quality control. If you are familiar with the industry you will know that there has been more than one scandal of yarn companies offering inferior quality or even mislabeled yarn to their customers. As a yarn brand you need to make sure that your quality stays at the highest level you are expecting and your customers love. We are absolutely happy to be collaborating with our Italian partners.

  1. The Social Responsibility

There is another thing that lets us walk away from cheap providers – Labor conditions. You just don’t know if the wages paid are fair and enough to let the workers make a living; if the working conditions are safe and sound; or if the animals the wool comes from are treated well.

As you might know a part of SKEINO’s identity is giving people with special needs the chance to gain a decent wage dyeing and processing our products. Shouldn’t we focus on the same values when it comes to our partners who provide the raw yarn? We strongly think so.

  1. The People

If you have Italian ancestors, friends or family you know what we mean by that. It’s simply a pleasure to feel the love of life you get from an Italian. This doesn’t mean that everything will always go super smooth but even the way they deal with problems seems to put a smile on your face.

Our contact persons Alberto and Alfredo are a joy to work with. They make sure that SKEINO orders are filled correctly and requests for new and specific fibers are looked after the right way. You can just feel the passion, experience and tradition we talked about earlier.

  1. The Love

OK, we admit this is the cheesy part! But let’s face it: Once you have been to the beautiful country of Italy you will fall in love with it. Add points 1-4 to it and you will surely understand why at SKEINO we decided to work with Italy when it comes to buying our undyed yarns. We hope that you can feel The Love when you knit your very own SKEINO project.

SKEINO Francesca Yarn

SKEINO Francesca Yarn

If you would like to discover our Italian Yarns try our yarn line called “Italian Ladies” (Bianca, Donna, Gina, Francesca, Monica, Paola, Sophia, Violetta). You’ll find all the common gauges for your preferred project. If you would like something more complete, our Scarf-In-A-Scarf is using a true classic Italian yarn called Precious. It’s totally easy to work with and the pattern is beginner’s level.

Do you also love Italy? What is your favorite yarn nation? Let us know in the comment section.

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