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Today we’ll talk about how to finish your work on a knitting project. This is always a very special moment and giving your piece the excellent finishing it deserves makes knitting all the more satisfying.

Surely you know the feeling when after a piece is completed it’s still not finished yet. There’s still a lot more to do such as seaming parts together, weaving in ends, creating edges, washing and eventually blocking. Note: As you might know I’m not a big fan of blocking. In this post, you can read why.

But let’s come back to finishing your work. All of the above-mentioned tasks need to be done and they may take some amount of time. Here are 3 small things that can help to decrease this amount of work:

  1. Connecting yarn as you knit

When you run out of yarn or if you found a knot in your yarn, you’ll need to connect the ends. Here’s my top-tip: Instead of having the ends hanging out on the side to be stitched in later, you can also connect them right away. There are several ways to do this, I prefer the invisible “split splicing” method. Stacy from verypink.com explains this perfectly in this video:

  1. Creating edges as you knit

Our “Holiday Shawl” includes this feature: This top-down knitted shawl creates a Garter Stitch edge as a part of the pattern. Through increases at the beginning, the center and the end of every front row, the shawl keeps on growing until it finally reaches its final size. The first and the last three stitches of every row are added to create the edge. After the shawl is completed the edges will form the long side of the shawl. This is the side where the wear is and the edge will keep the shawl from not growing endlessly.

SKEINO holiday shawl

The long side of our Holiday Shawl is created by the edges as you knit along.

  1. Stabilizing buttonholes as you knit

Unfinished buttonholes always look bad. Stabilizing them later is a lot of work and you’ll have to weave in the two ends of the yarn you’re using to do so. I like to finish my buttonholes right away. It doesn’t matter if they are horizontal or vertical. Here’s how you do it:

After finishing the buttonhole you knit another row and then stop at the beginning of one hole. Take the last stitch you knitted from your right needle and put it onto a crochet hook (you’ll need to try the right size to do a tight job). Take your work yarn and crochet around the hole until you reach the beginning where you started. Put the stitch back onto your knitting needle and keep on knitting. Your first buttonhole may require a little practice but do not give up. You´ll love the stabilizing, appearance and easiness.

I hope you enjoyed the read and you have discovered some new tips & tricks. These are just some of the many small things you can do to avoid a lot of finishing work. Let’s talk about this some more next time!

Do you agree with my list? What is your favorite technique to finish your knitting project? Let me know in the comments below!

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